To facilitate the submission process and the subsequent follow-up process, please consider the following guidelines, information, tips, terms and deadlines mentioned.

  • The abstract should be concise and summarise the research/ the case.
  • The word limit of 200-250 words should be adhered to.
  • Abstract titles should be short, but descriptive.Abbreviations should not be used in the title.


  • Title: Times New Roman, 12 points, Upper case, Centered text in bold
  • Body: Times New Roman, 11 points; Line spacing: 1, one column of text


  • Affiliations should be indicated with superscript Arabic numbers appearing at the end of surname/family name.
  • A superscript asterisk should be used for the author.
  • Names of affiliations should be given.


Surname INITIALS 1 , Surname INITIALS 1* and Surname INITIALS 2

  1. Department, University
  2. Department, Institute

* (* Email address of the author)

  • Original studies, interesting case reports and case series are accepted
  • The Abstract should be written in English.
  • Please send in a brief biography together with the Abstract (An example is given in the abstract template).
  • Please download the abstract template and follow the format carefully.
  • Documents that do not confirm to the guidelines will be asked to revise.
  • Documents received after the given deadline, due to any reason will not be accepted unless the deadline is extended.
  • The abstract should be submitted in the format of MS Word (.doc or .docx) document.
Steps to follow for your Abstract Submission

Once you prepared your abstract according to the above guidelines,

  • After submission you will be acknowledged of the receipt of the abstract via an email .
  1. Please submit your abstract before: 20th February 2023

20th February 2023

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